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In today's free association writing class, we're going to be using a word web to provide inspiration for short stories.

    Follow the instructions in the video below.
    This is not a graded assignment and will not be marked (so enjoy it!)
    There is no minimum or maximum word limit on this, simply see how much you can write in an hour. It is okay to spend some of that time thinking and procrastinating.
    You can write in either first or third person, whatever feels most comfortable.
    Put into practice what you've learned about descriptive writing, character development and dialogue, but it's up to you how much of each you include.
    The important thing is that you feel free to tell a story the way you want to tell it without placing restrictions on what you have to include - except your five words, you have to include those :)


Download the word web template. download

wordweb pic



Random Word Generator (Links to an external site.)

At the end of the day:

    Choose the best of the two stories you have written.
    Polish it for grammar, sentence agreement and literary perspective.
    Share it here by Friday 5 February.

Don't over think things, and don't be tempted to keep adding to the story after the class is finished. The idea is just to get your creative juices flowing. It doesn't matter if you're not sure where the story's going or if it's unfinished, just share what you've got. The important thing is that you've had a go.